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November 3rd, 2023

A Memoir By Arman Kaymakcian

In He Calls Me Redeemed, Arman explores his past at the intersection of faith, addiction, abuse, family, culture, and death. He walks the reader through his life, typical in some ways but painted with a unique touch of Armenian culture and the harsh realities of sexual abuse in his drug-rich Jersey Shore community. As a boy, he tries to manage the pain of being sexually abused while stumbling toward manhood. Young Arman looks up to his loving father. His father, however, holds a tragic secret inside. His father’s struggles foreshadow his own path, culminating in gripping drug addiction and crime. The depths of Arman’s addiction and anguish make rock bottom hard to reach. Hopeless and on the verge of suicide, Arman begs to be saved from his pain. It’s at that exact moment the love of God transforms him. What follows is an exploration of self on the other side of pain, which presents its own challenges. Despite his spiritual salvation and redemption, Arman reinforces the imagery of physical scars as he describes more heartbreak. Luckily for the reader, the final message is one of hope as the boy and son become a man and father, flawed and scarred but Redeemed. A hotel on the beach served as a literal home for young Arman. In He Calls Me Redeemed, he takes us through his past via “rooms”, each containing salient memories and insights. The rooms are intimate, each having a look into his soul as he encounters family history, culture, religion, sex, drugs, death, and fatherhood. Arman’s appeal as an author is his ability to lay his naked truth on the pages without condition. He remains accountable throughout, allowing us to read his vividly detailed experiences as they were. He is not seeking redemption from the reader; we can simply take in his powerful story. This book will :- Give readers a powerful reminder of the redemption found in Jesus- Spark readers’ emotions with a gripping tale of faith and hope– Change readers’ lives with an inspiring story of spiritual, physical and emotional healing. This book includes: – A heartfelt account of Arman’s struggles and successes – An exploration of the power of faith in the face of adversity – A reminder of the beauty of redemption and God’s love

About Me

Arman Kaymakcian is an Armenian American author and poet. He was born in New Jersey in the 1980’s. He grew up living between his Italian family on his mother’s side in Long branch and his Armenian family in the historic town of Asbury Park. After a wonderful, loving, and adventure filled childhood, at the age of ten Arman suffered through years of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of someone close to the family. Over the next few years, he struggled to make sense of his adolescence and teenage years, cutting himself and selling and using drugs recreationally. After many incidents and problems throughout his high school years, he dropped out of school. He took on many odd jobs and implemented the skill of carpet installation he learned during his boyhood from his father Manuk, which helped pay the bills on his first apartment in a not so desirable neighborhood of a town called Neptune. In addition to that, he began selling narcotics, and slowly became addicted to prescription pills, cocaine, PCP, ecstasy and then finally heroin. But just when he became suicidal and his life looked completely hopeless, and without remedy, Arman read a chapter of the Bible (Psalm 88) that caused him to fall to his knees in a psychiatric ward of Monmouth Medical Center pleading with Jesus to save his life and forgive him of all of his sin.

Arman was radically transformed that faithful night. In one instant he was freed from years of bondage to heroin and a life of drug dealing and pain from abuse and has returned to school to obtain his high school diploma, taking additional courses at Brookdale Community College. He has been working for a large construction company since 2011, when he first decided to begin brainstorming about writing his debut memoir titled, “He Calls Me Redeemed,” a memoir of childhood sex abuse heroin addiction hope and redemption. Arman now lives quietly with his wife and two sons in the suburbs of New Jersey where he continues to work and attend his local church (Colts Neck Community Church) and is currently writing for future projects including a novella, a children’s book and a poem collection.

"I lay there in agony, attempting to wrap my mind around the desperation. The physical pain was incredible, —my bones on fire, my stomach turning, —but that was nothing compared to the dread in my heart knowing what I’d have to do to stop the hurt. I no longer got high,; that had stopped a long time ago,. I now shot dope for one reason,: to stop the pain of withdrawal."
Excerpt From He calls Me Redeemed

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A few encouraging verses from Gods Holy Word.

JEREMIAH 17:14 Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.

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MATTHEW 11:28-29 Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke and put it on you, and learn from me, because I am gentle and humble in spirit; and you will find rest.

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